Officer Training

Training Officers who can safely protect you, your employees and your property is our priority which is why we invest more into training than any other security company in the country.


Unarmed Defensive Tactics

A staggering number of defensive situations involving officers result in the officer using lethal force when that is completely unnecessary for the situation. For this reason the vast majority of our focus is on unarmed defensive tactics that allow all of our Officers to defend you and your employees from all violent threats using advanced JuJitsu training, weapon disarms in the case that the violent individual has a weapon of some kind, as well as advanced cuffing techniques to restrain any violent attackers as we wait for the police to arrive.

We have an in house JuJitsu trainer who trains all of our Officers for a minimum of 4 hours every week. Our end goal is to have all of our officers be black belt certified in JuJitsu to ensure the safety for not only the Officer but also the violent individual who is acting as an aggressor. This aspect of Protection Services is often overlooked as these individuals who are acting aggressively are still human and should be treated with care while barring them from harming anyone. Placing these individuals under arrest without injury is of the utmost importance to us at WPS.

This training radically decreases our liability and increases peace of mind knowing that our Officers have the skills and ability to safely respond to any and all situations while keeping the potential of injury to all parties as low as possible.


Mental Illness Awareness & Identification Education

Seeing that the majority of our work revolves around the homeless who historically have the highest rate of mental illness, we aim to teach our Officers be able to better identify and respond to a variety of mental illnesses. Our training covers everything from talking down suicidal individuals, working with someone having a Psychotic or Schizophrenic episode, as well as working people who are currently under the influence of variety of drugs so we may better serve our clients and protect our more vulnerable populations even while we are removing them from a site or placing them under arrest.


Active Shooter Prevention & Response Training

Active shooters have plagued our world for far too long and we want to help put an end to the problem through prevention and response training making our Officers better trained and equipped to handle such threats than any Law Enforcement or Protection Services organization in the Country.

Most people do not realize that prevention is the best tactic when it comes to active shooters. Prevention tactics include things like making an Officer presence incredibly apparent so when someone who is casing a school or business with the intent to become an active shooter, they will be much less likely to follow through knowing that they would instantly be stopped by a WPS Officer if they were to try to harm anyone on site. In addition to having a strong Officer presence, controlling or monitoring entrances will allow any suspicious activity that may occur be noticed by an WPS Officer so they may properly respond and investigate the suspicious activity.

When and if the unfortunate event of an active shooter were to happen, all WPS Officers go through monthly training in active shooter response. This monthly training contains a mock active shooter drill where our Officers are required to respond and stop the threat while minimizing any loss or damages. Our goal is always zero losses and our situational have shown that, when there is a WPS Officer on site, this is the most likely situation. The reality of active shooters is that when the school or business has to wait 15-30 minutes for the police to arrive, a killer is on the loose and has free rein to do whatever they want, sometimes for over a half hour while the victims wait helplessly for police.

Having a WPS Officer on site is a game changer as instead of waiting for over a half hour waiting for police, a WPS Officer has a response time of literal seconds to stop the threat almost instantly.