Protection Services

Alarm & Emergency Response

With a guaranteed average response time of 6 minutes or less, this service is ideal for businesses, apartments, hotels and communities that need fast response times for security and safety related issues.

We respond to all security and safety issues and work closely with local law enforcement to help ensure that any issues that you need help with are resolved.

Additionally, we are able to integrate with your alarm company in some cases to streamline the entire process in the case of a break-in or alarm. 

Site Checks & Patrols

An economical option for businesses who cannot afford a full time security guard is regular patrols.

Ideally, once per hour an officer will come to your site and patrol the area looking for any suspicious activity or any crimes being committed. If any issues are found the Officer will work to resolve the issues and supply you with a report of the incident.

This is by far the most flexible offering as we have 3 pricing plans with different services to fit most budgets all with the same premium services that comes with hiring WPS Officers.

On Site Officer

For the business who is looking to have a full time deterrent as well as an individual acting in a response roll, we have you covered.​

Not only do all of our Officers go through weekly training in situational de-escalation, advanced defensive tactics and psychological education but are all Basic Life Saver certified, AED and CPR certified and receive training in trauma care basics.​Our Officers are truly the most elite professionals in our industry.

Apartment Buildings

Looking to eliminate crime, keep transients out of the area and give your residents a renewed peace of mind knowing their community is protected by Certified Public Safety Officers?

​Our Officers can conduct regular patrols of the area, respond to calls for service at the complex, conduct welfare checks, be a physical deterrence as well as trespass and remove unwanted guests and take care of any safety issues that may present themselves.​

We make available to you a multitude of patrol options from foot and bicycle patrols to marked or unmarked patrol car offering a flexible and entirely customizable security plan tailored to the unique needs of your community.

HOA & Community Protection

Mail theft, home invasions and property crimes are starting to become a huge problem in our neighborhoods. Neighborhoods we protect see, on average, a 98% reduction in property crime during coverage hours which is why we always suggest 24/7 coverage which may be more affordable than you think as each home may only need to pay as little as $19/month to have security coverage making it more accessible and more affordable for your community to have the protection and peace of mind it requires.​

We offer a wide range of services from bicycle and vehicle patrols, either marked or unmarked patrol cars, all the way to having an Officer man a gate to control access and make sure only those who are supposed to be in your community are admitted. No matter what your security needs are, one of our custom designed security plans will help you rest easy at night knowing your community is protected.

School Patrols & Resource Officers

Keeping our schools and our children safe is one of the most important things that we can do to ensure the safety and future of our city. Unfortunately there are far too many incidents of suspicious people on school grounds with heinous intent, school shootings and other crimes that are so easily preventable with the presence of a BlueTac School Resource Officers.

Our officers act as a physical deterrent so when someone with ill intent comes to the school and see our officer, they decide not to commit those crimes as they know they will be stopped and arrested if they do. If that individual does decide to commit a crime on school grounds then thankfully you will have a WPS School Resource Officer on site to respond immediately and stop the individual.